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Electrical Installations

Installing electrical systems in residential, commercial, and industrial properties. This includes wiring, outlets, lighting fixtures, circuit breakers, and more.


Electrical Repairs

Troubleshoot and repair electrical issues such as faulty wiring, short circuits, malfunctioning outlets, and electrical panel problems to ensure safe and reliable operation.


Electrical Upgrades

Upgrade electrical systems to meet increased power demands, install additional outlets, or replace outdated components to enhance safety and efficiency.


Wiring & Rewiring

Installation & replacing electrical wiring in homes, buildings, and other structures. Ensure that the wiring meets safety standards and is capable of handling the electrical load required.


Surge Protection

Install surge protection devices to safeguard electrical equipment and appliances from voltage spikes caused by power surges, protecting them from damage.


Generator Installation

Install backup generators to provide power during outages, ensuring essential appliances and systems remain operational.


Lighting Design, Installation, & Maintenance

Designing and installing lighting systems, including recessed lighting, track lighting, outdoor lighting, and energy-efficient lighting solutions.


Electrical Inspections & Maintenance

Inspections & maintenance of electrical systems to identify potential hazards, code violations, or areas that require maintenance or repairs.


Home Automation & SMART Systems

Integrate SMART home technology, allowing homeowners to control various electrical devices and systems through their smartphones or voice commands.

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